Office Partitions Sydney

Aluminium Framed Glass Partitions

Partitions that come with aluminium frames are a common and popular choice in today’s office spaces. They’re ideal for creating new workspaces and maximizing the available office space.

Moreover, they’re versatile and quick to install. Besides, you can reconfigure or relocate them easily according to changing needs and requirements.

glass partitions with aluminium frame for a meeting room

Glass office partitions Sydney are ideal for anyone who wants to add meeting spaces, create workspaces for starters, or create a training area.

Moreover, employees can speak to each other freely. Thus, office partitions create a positive attitude amongst the employees. They allow for privacy without making employees feel isolated since they can communicate with each other.

They’re cost-effective and don’t cause a lot of disruption during installation. We offer crittall-style and banded doors and glazed wall partitions with aluminium framing.

You can rely on our metallic framed partitions to complement your company’s branding and design. Besides, we can coat the frame with your preferred RAL color. Doing so will add style to the design and impress your staff and clients.

You can choose between double and single glazed panels or even go for solid plasterboards for your wall partitions. You can have the plasterboards covered with paint and vinyl finishes. Besides, you can choose glass panels with a manifestation of your choice.

Our partition panels are secure and safe. They’re specially designed to resist the harsh treatment that is evident in any busy office space.

Benefits of Using Aluminium Framed Office Partitions

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Reconfigurable and re-locatable as needed
  • Hinged and sliding door options
  • A cost-effective way of creating new spaces
  • Features a modern design
  • You can get fire and sound rated options

Soundproof Ratings

Our aluminium framed partitions have natural properties that block noise. We also offer options with enhanced soundproofing properties. They are rated as follows:

  • Doors- at most 30 decibels
  • Glazed partitions- at most 43 decibels
  • Solid partitions- at most 52 decibels

Fireproof Ratings

Our metal framed partitions have fire retardancy properties with the following ratings:

  • Glazed options- at most 60 minutes of fire retardancy
  • Non-glazed solid options- at most 60 minutes of fire retardancy


Frameless Glass Office Partitions

One of the most preferred types of office partitions is frameless glass partitions. These partitions give any office a contemporary look. Besides, they’re functional and cost-effective.

At Flute Office Partitions, we offer sleek single glazed partitions set in slim glazing tracks. Our partitions are seamless and customized to meet specific requirements for most commercial and office environments.

frameless glass partitioning walls in sydney

You can choose from a wide range of colors. Also, we offer different glass types and thicknesses. Moreover, we have glass walls that are ideal for different functionalities. Regardless of your office requirements, we have a glass partition system that will meet your needs.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t use silicone-based products when joining and fixing glass screens together. Instead, our company uses dry joint systems when interconnecting glass screens.

We’re also perfecting novel dry joint techniques. Thus, we install glass walls with crystal clear joints between panels. Consequently, the glass walls will have a long-lasting and professional finish.

Our glass partitions will complement the existing elements and features in your office. We have a wide variety of glass thicknesses, glass manifestation, glass doors, and glass ironmongery. Thus, you’ll have multiple options to choose from and ultimately find the right product for your office.

Our supply chain is comprehensive for your convenience. We offer fast turnaround time on non-stock supplies. Besides, our glaziers are highly skilled. Our professional installation service will suit all your business needs.



Acoustic Glass Frameless Partitions

Privacy is crucial in the workplace. Frameless glass partitions are ideal for adding privacy in the workplace. While most workplaces are adopting open-plan office layouts and spacious workspaces to enhance employee productivity, you’d still need privacy.

double glazed acoustic glass partitions

Solid plasterboard partitions add privacy but destroy the whole idea of an open-plan office. Thus, the best solution is installing acoustic glass partitions. They create confidential meeting rooms while still allowing for an open-plan office space.

You can choose between single and double glazing acoustic glass partitions for enhanced privacy. Moreover, glass partitions won’t destroy the existing style of your office. For instance, laminated glass partitions have high acoustic ratings just like plasterboard partitions.

Laminated glass looks like frameless toughened glass screens. However, the lamination layer installed during manufacture allows for enhanced sound retention.

​Besides floor to ceiling partitions, you can also choose suspended ceiling and raised floor systems. However, sound tends to leak through such systems. Consequently, confidential information may be leaked to unintended staff on an open-plan workspace.

We eliminate this major problem by installing friction fit barriers below and above glass partitions. Another way of retaining sound in an office is by adding an aluminum frame to frameless glass doors. ​