How Office Partitions Were Discovered In 1960s

Offices that existed in 1960s had major differences from those designed today, though there are some few common elements.

There was a lot of focus on research involving psychology during the first two decades after the world war. Office workers were not left behind during the psychological research.

modern sydney office partitions using glass

The research led to crucial changes in the structural design of offices. These changes are behind the creation of modern office partitions.

The Research

In 1960, a research led by Robert Propst of Herman Miller Research Corp studied the functioning of offices. Back then, most offices had a pure open layout design.

The open layout design comprised of multiple rows of work desks set in a completely open space where everyone would see everyone else.

The appearance of everything in the office space was standardized. Research findings of the study indicate that in modern offices, there’s a lot of information that an individual has to handle.

The research findings also indicated that an open layout design isn’t ideal enough to facilitate the understanding and handling of the vast amount of information.

Findings from the research also indicate that employees require privacy and appreciate it when they have the chance and freedom to personalize their workspace as needed.

Employees also require some freedom to move around and adjust their sitting position to fit the kind of task they’re working on. This way, they don’t suffer physically while sitting all day.

According to the research, it appears that employee’s individual moments don’t distract others employees.

Research findings from studies conducted on office environments led to the emergence of new office designs. From mid 1960s, business owners started using mini-sized and multi-sided office dividers.

These dividers created cubicles/workstations. These cubicles contributed to enhanced employee productivity. They also allowed companies to use large floor spaces more efficiently.

Although cubicles have been criticized by those against this office layout design, it legitimized and popularized the use of today’s office partitions.


Today’s Office Design Using Partitions

Today’s offices are a mixture of office design ideas used before and after the 1960s. Most offices are moving back to open plan office layouts, but at the same time allowing for more movement and individuality within the space.

Modern partitions come in multiple forms such as a solid office design involving walls, doors, and corridors and designs involving clear glass walls.

Advances involving economic manufacture of toughened glazing options have made it possible to use glass partitions that create aesthetically pleasing and spectacular office layouts.

Glass can be further decorated with films that incorporate any brand, picture, logo or custom designs.

Besides offering great office partition designs, glass partitions also enhance insulation against noise and temperature while still allowing natural light to illuminate the office. For more details, contact Flute Office Partitions Sydney.


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